All That Jazz Band is a jazz band based in Sydney.

The band plays old style, classic jazz. All songs they play were written in the 1920’s and early 1930’s.

The band can play in different combinations, from a 2-piece band to a 5-piece band.

Band leader is Slide McBride.

All That Jazz Band, Sydney
Slide McBride singing through his old brass megaphone

Slide McBride is a singer and multi-instrumentalist. He plays trombone, trumpet and banjo-ukulele.

All That Jazz Band Sydney
Slide McBride on trombone, playing as a three piece band, with drums and double bass
All That Jazz Band with Slide McBride on cornet
Slide McBride on the cornet (similar to trumpet)
banjo ukulele - all that jazz band, Sydney
Slide McBride playing his banjo ukulele
Great Gatsby Themed Party
Perfect band for a Great Gatsby or 1920’s themed party


Email – info@allthatjazzband.com

Call or text – 0415 104 238